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Onboarding Checklist - Start here

If you're new, and lost or just want the high level basics - here's where to start. This checklist will take you through the basics to prep and get ready to take advantage of shopper reviews.

Manage your Incoming Reviews 101

You're collecting reviews, you have questions on best practices. Check this help area out.

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Take a choose your own adventure journey through through your business goals, shoppers journey, or your own role in your org and discover the ResellerRatings advantage.


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Video sessions that will guide you through a variety of topics from platform 101, team set up and how to build a great Ratings and Reviews program that drives your KPI's.


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Help documentation - dive deep into our help guides with searchable, detailed written content. Our help guides provide feature specific detailed breakddowns.


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BigCommerce? Shopify?  Custom platform - say no more, go here for guided journeys and docs all put neatly together.

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Q&A - Features & Walkthrough

Q&A - Features & Walkthrough

Let's deep-dive directly into Q&A and find out the mechanics of how it works, and how to use the dashboard and other key features.

Q&A - How to Build an Amazing Q&A Program

Q&A - How to Build an Amazing Q&A Program

Q&A programs almost always fail, because e-commerce stores don't know how to motivate customers to get started and contribute. It starts with you and we're going to how you how a Q&A program drives growth, protects your customer journey and more.

Intro to Product Reviews

Intro to Product Reviews

Let's get started on your product reviews solution, the basics of products reviews, managing and customizing your product reviews widget and dashboard, as well as moderating review content

You're going to love growing your store

Our Courses
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Grow your e-commerce sales

Your going to learn how to show up in key search channels for consumers and how to take trusted content to the next level

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Create a rock solid customer journey

Crafting the ultimate customer journey from beginning to end is critical.   We're going to show you how to do that with your shopper in mind.

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Build trusted data that informs your customer journey

Our platforms unique feature allows you to build data to meet the moment - that is, the right trusted shopper voice, in the right critical shopper choice is key to ensuring low abdonment rates, repeated buying customers and enhanced conversion rates.

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Learn the platform

The ResellerRatings platform is huge and supports many use cases, let's go through and learn the basics to advance use cases to help you grow

Our platform helps you build your trust flywheel so you can sit back and watch your sales go upstream.

We help your e-commerce brand build trusted content to build better funnels.

Reputation Management

Tell the full story by pushing and pulling Rating and Review data across multiple streams and platforms

Product Reviews

Craft a highly converting customer journey with trusted, authentic customer reviews that display right into Google Shopping

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Seller Ratings

Collect reviews for Google Ads and set the best initial expectation with seller ratings specific reviews targeted at converting customers at very specific points in their research funnel and journey

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Halt abandonment and bring customers back to your customer journey and e-commerce flow. Q&A creates amazing research content that helps customers make the right decisions, reduce abandonment, returns and brings customers back. Learn more.

Visual UGC

Capture beautiful and dynamic content that enhances trust and gets to the core of the shopper experience. This highly valuable video and imagery data converts highly on social media and other channels and we help you build a constant stream.

Feedback & NPS

Grow your business with feedback and NPS tools that prioritize shortform, high collection rate surveys.